Sunday, November 9, 2008

More thoughts on the Credit Crunch

Recent financial events leave us in no doubt that this will trigger employment difficulties in the near future as the effects bite into the supply chain.

The result will be, as it was in the similar period during the early eighties, businesses being very cautious about their spend.

However business hasn’t stopped altogether, it has simply reduced. It is at times like this that smart companies look for new, and cost effective ways to capture a greater percentage of the marketplace.

There are many channels to promote a business, each with its own level of required investment – some substantially more that others.

The internet provides a cost effective platform from which to attract potential customers.

Our research habits have changed out of all recognition over the last few years. The internet is now the first place we turn to for information and help. Any company that does not maximise its web presence is effectively giving away business to its competitors.

However the internet road is not paved with gold. It is hard work, just like any other marketing or advertising campaign.

The big advantage is that Internet Marketing is one of the few mediums that allow you to monitor results and Return on Investment very accurately. The ability to test, measure and modify the individual elements of the campaign on a daily basis means that you are unlikely to throw money away through a wrong decision at the beginning.

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