Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Testimonials make it all worth while.

I received a great testimonial from a grateful client today:

" I saw a prospect in November it came to nothing.

He was nosing at my website as it's the new tax year etc. He saw the video and was very impressed and has just signed up. A significant annual fee!

Many thanks :-) :-) "

That was from Simon Clarke, a partner at Great Yarmouth Accountants, HW Chartered Accountants.

What did I do to make it happen? I produced this short business video for HW Accountants just a few weeks ago and Simon uploaded it to his web page just last week.

I always look for ways to maximise the use of the Internet to increase leads, sales and profits. It has been my strong opinion for some time that the use of video on websites help build trust and confidence. This just proves it!

If you do the Return on Investment sums I should think that it comes out pretty well!

Need a video like that on your site? Call me at Alloy CRM and have a look at some other interesting video on my Alloy CRM video channel at You Tube.