Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What make a website a popular website?

With billions of websites out there all trying to attract your attention, it might be interesting to look at a few really successful sites to understand what might make them so popular.

Now these are just my views on these sites and there are probably a whole load of other factors too, but here goes.

Enormous breadth and depth of information/content

Is this one of the greatest entertaining/time wasting sites ever?

Saving money is on many peoples agenda normally. It's probably on everyones agenda in the current economic crisis

Another great time waster but the interaction factor just makes it so absorbing

'Adult' Sites
Exciting and teasing (so I'm told)

Now lets summarise that -

Money Saving

Do you think it would be worth making your website good enough to be described in one, or a few, of those terms? I bet if you did, it would be far more successful and earn you a lot more money than it is now.

Try it.

Alloy CRM has a Website Profit Program designed for small businesses that will increase profit.

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