Thursday, May 7, 2009

Important Twitter News - Read Now!

Just a quick post about some interesting news I saw today.

Twitter, the social networking site, is about to launch it's own comprehensive search engine within it's own results.

Why is that significant?

Loads of people 'Tweet' interesting web links to their followers. So these pages will have been given a great vote of confidence as being interesting, important or just entertaining. It will also you the value of the 'Tweeter' too. I guess that means the number of updates and followers?

The new Twitter search engine will follow these links, analyse the pages for key words and content, then return them in the search results.

Wow! If you're not Tweeting your latest blog now, best you get doing it sharpish!

It will also you the value of the 'Tweeter' too

Here's the article:

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