Friday, May 29, 2009

Websites with a commercial focus

There is more to a website than making it look pretty.

The whole purpose of a commercial website is to increase sales, revenue and therefore profit.

Without having that as your foundation what is the point of spending a great deal of money to achieve nothing?

I sat with a small local organisation recently. They are not, and don't need to be, commercially focused. Or at least they didn't think they were.

Just because they're not my traditional target market didn't mean that I would skip my interrogation of their financial position and reasoning behind the decision to have a good web presence.

Digging around I discovered that they are a charity and require money to maintain their building. They have spare capacity for hire and filling their venue would go a long way to alleviating their financial needs.

So yes, the right web presence could have the desired effect and, if done properly, could attract hirers who are prepared to pay more than they are currently charging.

But there's more...

Using my commercially creative side I have suggested a way in which the website could generate its own recurring revenue without a great deal of effort. I won't go into details here as it's still in its embryonic stage at the moment. But suffice to say that the business model is sound and could transform their facility for everyone in their community.

You don't have to be in a commercial environment to use commercial logic. But doing so can resolve a surprising number of non commercial issues and problems.

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