Thursday, September 2, 2010

Am I to be the next James Bond?

Am I to be the next James Bond?

A deviation from my normal business based blogs today - but interesting.

We all dream but most are forgotten within moments of waking. The vivid one I had last night hasn't gone away (perhaps it was one from the film 'Inception').

I'm sitting in the doorway of an aircraft. A bit like the large sliding door of a rescue helicopter but at 10,000 feet and at aircraft speeds. I have a camera in my hands and I'm taking photographs of the ground. It has a spy feel about it, as though I shouldn't have been doing it.

I'm harnessed so that I wouldn't fall out but feel I'm slipping through. I'm not too worried though as I have a parachute on my back.

I don't remember the next 'scene', which is a shame as I would have liked to experienced it, because I must have slipped out of the harness and parachuted down to the ground.

So here I am looking across a very 'Eastern Block' village/small town with a couple of old weather beaten workers toiling in the fields. I approached them and tried to converse in English and then French (my only other foreign language of sorts) but they don't understand and their accent is definitely Eastern European/Russian.

I feel apprehensive. I'm watching carefully for signs of 'The KGB' perhaps?

I have obviously acquired a Babel Fish in my ear (a device used in the Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy that enables you to understand any language) as I'm now conversing freely with the farmers.

They seem pleased to see me and invite me to meet the Town Mayor where I'm treated a bit like a hero.

But all the time I'm watching over my shoulder for the arrival of the KGB who will know my real purpose for being here and I fear what they will do to me.

A bell rings and I feel anxious.

Blasted alarm.

Do you think I will see part two tonight? I really hope so. It was just getting exciting.

I've no doubt that those of you into dreams will tell me what that's all about but, whatever it means, I enjoyed it!

By the way, I am available for bit parts and walk ons if anyone is in the film industry. But I do draw the line at walking out of the sea in Speedos.

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