Monday, October 20, 2008

Are you Main Dealer or Garage around the Corner?

When your car is a year or two old and comes to the end of it's warranty period you have a choice as to where you have your servicing and repairs done.

You can still go to the (expensive) main dealer with it's comforting customer service facilities and friendly smiling service folk, or you can go around the corner to a nearby trading estate to a non-franchise garage.

The garage around the corner probably hasn't got the smart reception area with coffee, sky news and comfy chairs. Instead you are possibly confronted by a chap in greasy overalls who's decidedly lacking in customer service skills.

But they are a lot cheaper and, potentially, know a great deal more about your car, its know problems and how to fix then quickly and cheaply than a spotty apprentice in the main dealer who just plugs it into a computer and changes what it suggests.

Faced with this dilemma we, more often than not, opt for the safe option of the main dealer and pay the price.

What's this got to do with business and sales?

When someone visits your website, or sees your advertising material, they will make exactly the same judgement, and possibly come to the same decision too.

Do you give the impression of being Main Dealer, or Garage Around the Corner?

Compare your sales collateral and website with your competitors.

If you appear Garage Around the Corner in comparison, change it and see what difference it makes to your sales conversions.

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